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Used Amada Press Brake

Elite Machinery Inc. is your one source for the highest quality used Amada press brakes. Our extensive used Amada press brake inventory includes "up-acting" and "down-acting" Amada press brake models. "Up-acting" models include the Amada RG series brakes equipped with the NC9EX or NC9EXII controls and backgauges; with commons sizes such as the RG35S, RG50, RG80, RG100 and RG125. The NC9EX or NC9EXII controlled FBD (Fine Alpha Bender) series Amada press brakes; with common sizes such as FBD3512, FBD5020, FBD8025 and FBD1030. We also stock the Amada FBDIII, which is an "up-acting" Amada press brake with an NT control; common models include the FBDIII5020NT, FBDIII8020NT, FBDIII8025NT, FBDIII1030NT and FBDIII1253NT. The "down-acting" Amada press brake models include the HFB, HFE and HDS series press brakes. The HDS is a Amada "down-acting" (down stroke) press brake with an NT control. We stock common models for the Amada HFB, Amada HFE and Amada HDS press brakes including 8025, 1003, 1253, 1704 and 2204 models.

At Elite Machinery Inc. our knowledgeable staff will help you determine the right used Amada press brake for your requirements. With our large selection of used Amada press brakes we will match you to the right used Amada press brake.

Upon request Elite Machinery Inc. will provide all necessary services for your used Amada press brake project, services including financing, installation, training, warranty, transportation and software.

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